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Copenhagen, Denmark DIS Study Abroad 


Summer 2018 

VisitCopenhagen is an online platform that helps visitors and residents become acquainted with the city’s sites and hidden treasures. The VisitCopenhagen website is used as a tool to help determine how you want to explore the city of Copenhagen and acts as a resource to experience what being a local really means.


For this case study, I explored different marketing strategies and how to design for an audience with sight seeing in mind. I created a logo, tag line, event poster and postcard, business card, stickers, and an app design for the VisitCopenhagen brand and a specific event that the city hosts. I chose vibrant colors, bold text and simplistic icons to highlight the refreshing and tasty options offered at the festival during those hot summer months. 


I heavily considered what makes this city so special on so many levels. To me, architecture is a form of time travel and allows one to feel full submergence of a culture, history and it's personality. I chose to focus the logo on the city's iconic, architectural charm and use of bright colors in order to create the effect of always being able to stand in the heart of Copenhagen. 

The tagline focused on the feeling of visiting the city. After interviewing and asking around to various potential users, I came to the conclusion that the main characteristics used to describe Copenhagen were charming, kind and collective. Charming for it's irreplaceable architecture and sights, Kind for the considerate and lovely locals, and Collective for the uniquely innovative artists, business and cultures that come together. 

Planning on taking a trip to Denmark? Check out the Visit Copenhagen website for all the hot spots to check out during your travels in the wonderful Copenhagen. 

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