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Copenhagen, Denmark DIS Study Abroad 


Summer 2018 

VisitCopenhagen is an online platform that serves as a comprehensive guide for both visitors and residents, offering insights into the city's renowned landmarks and hidden gems. Through the VisitCopenhagen website, users can explore various ways to experience the vibrant city of Copenhagen and gain an authentic understanding of local life.

In this case study, I delved into different marketing strategies while keeping sightseeing in mind as a key focus. I undertook the task of designing a logo, tagline, event poster, postcard, business card, stickers, and an app interface for the VisitCopenhagen brand and a specific city-hosted event. To capture the essence of the festival held during the scorching summer months, I employed vibrant colors, bold typography, and minimalistic icons to highlight the refreshing and delightful experiences offered.

During the design process, I deeply considered the factors that make Copenhagen truly unique and captivating on multiple levels. To me, architecture serves as a gateway to time travel, allowing one to immerse themselves fully in a culture's history and personality. Therefore, I chose to emphasize the city's iconic architectural charm in the logo, utilizing bright colors to create a sense of being constantly immersed in the heart of Copenhagen.

The tagline focuses on capturing the essence of visiting the city. Through interviews and interactions with potential users, I discovered that the most commonly used words to describe Copenhagen were "charming," "kind," and "collective." "Charming" represents the irreplaceable architecture and captivating sights, "kind" signifies the considerate and warm-hearted locals, and "collective" represents the innovative artists, businesses, and diverse cultures that converge in Copenhagen.

Planning a trip to Denmark? Be sure to visit the  Visit Copenhagen website, where you'll find a wealth of information about the city's must-visit hotspots and discover the wonders of wonderful Copenhagen.

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