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web & book design on body image & society​


Spring 2019 | Capstone

available for purchase here or link above. 

Body image has been known to be a major concern for young adults, perhaps all over the world. Media has altered perceptions and expectations of how we are supposed to act and feel towards ourselves, which ultimately affects our wellbeing and health. While this issue has been apparent for many adolescents and adults on a global scale, the idea of body acceptance and embracing the bodies we've been given, is slowly trending. For this series, various women and men were interviewed about what insecurities they have struggled with and what helped them overcome these challenges or if they still endure these false perceptions of themselves. By highlighting their insecurities, the images represent how we need to work towards normalizing, well, being normal and that we are not alone in feeling falsely represented. We must recognize that while we are not all perfect, our imperfections may actually be our finest attributes. 

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