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Fall 2018 - Summer 2021


In this project, my primary focus was on expressing emotions through art, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of points, lines, and planes. I embarked on creating two contrasting emotions and subsequently developed a composite artwork that merged these distinct feelings together. Additionally, as part of this project, I undertook the task of creating imagery that encapsulated sociopolitical movements, exploring what we deemed as exemplary graphic design, and culminating in a self-portrait that served as a personal reflection.




Technology, Art, Media Program | CU Boulder


Spring 2017

Ghosting by Mother Mother

The objective of this project was to artistically capture the essence of a poem or song by employing typographical elements in a booklet format. I selected the song "Ghosting" by Mother Mother as my inspiration, aiming to visually convey the playfully sarcastic tone and heartfelt lyrics that delve into themes of heartbreak and invisibility. This particular artwork was showcased in the esteemed ATLAS EXPO at CU Boulder, where it garnered attention and appreciation.

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