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branding, social media & marketing 


October 2019 - October 2020​


Doctor D's is a water kefir based sparkling probiotic drink, sold amongst major grocery stores across the nation in a wide variety of flavors. At Doctor D’s, I wore a few different hats to help achieve better brand recognition and increase their customer base. Their business goals were to expand their identity and provide an affordable, delicious, clean beverage option for those looking to improve their digestive health. (After all, a happy gut is a happy life.) My roles ranged from coordinating all visual and product design, public relations announcements, sales rep services, and social media marketing. A major part of my role was redesigning their labels and packaging during their transition from bottles to cans with a refreshing, innovative design. This helped elevate, differentiate and capture the attention of new and potential customers. Other key aspects of my role were updating their older branding materials, redesigning their website, updating their blog and SEO, email marketing outreach and implementing a strategic social media marketing plan. I strived to deliver consistency across all digital advertising and marketing platforms as well as print, web, and media designs.


You can learn more about Doctor D's and the benefits of probiotics at and get a taste of the work I completed there. Cheers!

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