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web design | January 2022 - March 2022


Armchair Productions is a travel-focused podcast and audio marketing studio located in Louisville, Colorado. Our mission is to share captivating stories from around the world, highlighting exciting destinations and adventurers. In collaboration with Armchair Productions, I designed a comprehensive and versatile user interface that seamlessly embodies their brand and showcases their products. Through extensive discussions with their team, I integrated the Armchair Productions branding and copywriting, ensuring that the website not only met their functional requirements but also exuded a cohesive aesthetic appeal. My objective was to create a website that reflected their immersive storytelling, allowing their brand to shine while accommodating future growth. To provide a comprehensive overview, I have included a full scroll-through video and a before-and-after comparison of the site.


Want to explore more? Head to for the full experience. Give a listen to one of their podcasts while you're there!

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