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branding, web design, social media & marketing 

March 2020 - Present

Previously known as Pekoe Sip House, pekoe is a well known coffee, tea and boba cafe located in Boulder, Colorado. In 2020 they underwent new ownership and since then have enhanced the pekoe experience and business. After becoming acquainted with the new owners and their vision for pekoe, I wanted to make sure that their brand communicated their beautifully curated cafe spaces and the care that goes into each cup. I updated their branding materials, logo, website and have created their social media platforms with all of this in mind. My emphasis on these areas has helped develop consistency in their aesthetics and branding across both stores thus allowing the pekoe name to expand, modernize and solidify it's place in the heart of the Boulder community.


Here you will find examples of the logo variations I have created, a scroll through of their website, cafe and tea menus, as well as a live social media feed. Head to for a taste of the pekoe experience. 





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